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What Is Fire Engineering And What Is The Job Of A Fire Engineer

Fire engineering can also be termed as “Risk Management” in the field of firefighting. What is fire engineering is probably the most searched issue for anyone who has opted to become a fire engineer?

Fire engineering basically is the application of engineering and scientific principles, expert opinion and rules, based on the understanding of facts and effects of fire as well as behavior and response of people to fire and protecting them and their properties along with the environment from the vicious effects of fire.

A fire engineer has to perform a range of activities in order to achieve the objective of fire engineering. Few of them are as follows:
what is fire engineering
• Hazard and risk assessment of fire as well as its effects on others.
• Minimizing potential damage from fire by appropriate design, management and construction by using various structures, materials, buildings, industrial methods, effective transportation system and many more.
• Evaluating optimum prevention at an appropriate level and consider active protective measures in order to limit the effects of fire.
• A fire engineer also designs, installs as well as develops and maintains various firefighting equipments such as fire detection units, firefighting communication system, fire suppression, various fire control equipments and so on.
• Directing and controlling the manpower as well as firefighting equipments through a proper strategy.
• Investigating post-fire situation and prepare complete analysis, assessment and feedback on the situation.

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