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Best Firefighter Workout Routines

Maintaining best stamina every single day is very important as firefighter. Here in this article, we’ll try to give you tips the best firefighter workout routines which are different from any typical workouts you might already know. Workouts for firefighter usually focus more to increase hand’s strength, let’s discuss important requirements in a firefighter workout.

We’re pretty sure that you understand why we said above that as a firefighter, you need to improve your hand’s strength. Well, actually not just hands, you need to increase your overall upper body strength since in the event of fire, you’ll need to carry heavy objects up and down not to mention your own equipments. Trust us, you will need all your body strength. When we talk about body strength, it doesn’t mean you need to gain big muscles, in fact, bodybuilding workouts that focus on building muscles can slow you down. Being a firefighter, slow movement is not acceptable, you need to move fast and ready for action. You need to have lean yet strong body. Firefighters need to focus to keep their body strong, balance and fast.

Our workouts recommendation as part of best firefighter workout routines in order to increase your upper body strength would be push-ups and weight lifting. So simple yet so effective to increase the strength of your upper body, not only hands, but also arms, shoulders and chests. Push-ups also test your stamina, if you do it over and over again, it can enhance your endurance. Start with 100 push-ups per day, then increase to 200, 300 and so on. Keeping your stamina at its best for every single day at work is really important because fire could happen all the time, you need to stay ready and alert at all times.

The weight lifting workout shouldn’t be used to gain muscles. It should only be used as basic exercise to increase your body strength. We recommend you to practice bench press, bicep curls and shoulder press. You can do with low weight over and over again instead of heavy weight which usually focus to build bulky muscles on your body.

The next best firefighter workout routines should aim to increase your speed. Aside from increasing your upper body strength, lifting weights and bodyweight can also increase your speed. We can tell you that there are 3 components that affect your speed: stride frequency (the number of strides you take in a set amount of time), stride length (the distance you take within each stride) and anaerobic endurance (your body ability to sustain maximum force for some period of time). You need to do exercises that mimic firefighting activities such as running on treadmill, climbing stairs on high intensity settings, climbing ropes while carrying those heavy equipments of firefighter. Full back squat is also great to increase your leaping ability.

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How To Become A Firefighter In Illinois

Do you know that Illinois has more than 1300 fire departments and not all departments are the same?

Your quest of how to become a firefighter in Illinois must start with knowing the types of fire agencies available at Illinois, both Fire Departments and Fire Protection Districts.

A Fire Department is generally a real department of a town, city or village, governed by the mayor of the municipality or the city board or council. On the other hand, a Fire Protection District is completely a separate governmental unit with independent governing body, but depends on receiving their funds from the budget of a municipality.

Before I discuss about how to become a firefighter in Illinois, let’s have a look on various available types of fire agencies all through the state:

Volunteer Fire Departments in Illinois: Most of the fire departments in Illinois are volunteer fire departments which are easier to join than a paid one. The rules of different departments may vary but commonly you will have to be a resident of the state, attend training sessions arranged by the department, regular visit and responding at the department during emergency situation, and many more.

how to become a firefighter in illinois
Paid-on-Call Fire Departments in Illinois: are actually a combination of paid and volunteer fire departments. POC’s usually acts as a volunteer firefighter when performing various supporting functions for the department, but get paid when responding in emergency situations on an hourly or per call basis. Joining in both volunteer and POC firefighting in Illinois, you must contact the department near your locality.

Part-time Fire Departments in Illinois: employ firefighters in a shifting basis. During the scheduled hours, firefighters have to perform all sorts of jobs starting from training to take part in actual fire extinguishing activities. To know the particular requirements, you should contact your local fire department.

Full-time Fire Departments in Illinois: appoint full-time firefighters or career firefighters through various testing process who are also known as the employees of the fire department. If you want to become a full-time firefighter in Illinois, you just can’t apply anytime you want, rather, you must apply the concerned department on its specified time frame. In most cases, the fire departments in Illinois call for application and run the testing process once in every two years. After having all application within the time frame, candidates should go through a series of tests such as written exams, tests on physical abilities, psychological exams, etc.

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