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How to Pass Firefighter Written Test : Simple Tips to Pass Firefighter Exam Successfully

If you are preparing your first Firefighter test, then you will be interested in reading our guide on How to pass firefighter written test. This test is just one of many selection processes that you have to face before you can officially become a licensed firefighter. It measures applicant’s abilities and knowledge when it comes to firefighting, so it’s really important that you pass these written tests.

Usually you’ll be presented with multiple-choice questions where each one has been formulated to test your knowledge and abilities related to fire fighting. This test is usually conducted at a local test center or Fire Service institution and you’ll be given around 3 hours to complete it. You’ll receive complete instructions about this test prior the test day.

There are two categories in these written tests, please pay attention to what we’re going to tell you because it might increase the level of your success in giving the correct answers.

The first category would be ability tests. You need to have good knowledge about these topics: working with numbers, accepting and understanding information or instructions given to you and best possible solution for problems you’re going to face in the event of fire (problem solving skill).

The second category would be National Firefighter Questionnaire. The questions in these tests are more like psychological tests to understand your personality and behavior. It is crucial information that the Fire Service will use to determine if you are eligible to become a firefighter or not.

How to pass firefighter written test?As part of our advices on “How to pass firefighter written test“, we recommend you to read all questions thoroughly, there’s no reason to rush as you might end up get many answers wrong. In fact, you can start by reading all questions briefly to get more ideas what kind of questions you’ll have to deal with. Some sections might ask simple questions yet other sections might require more in-depth replies from you. You can start with your own strategy to increase your chance to get right answers as many as you can such as answer easy questions first and then later focus on more difficult ones.

There are many agencies that can provide you with firefighter study material. They will you access to many study materials such as firefighting procedures, guide to improve your literacy and numeracy skill, as well as advanced study materials. All these tests have been designed to test many skills required to become a firefighter who can think logically even under pressure. We suggest you to read the material over and over again until you can understand completely and answer all possible questions as a real professional firefighter would.

We believe if you keep our “How to pass firefighter written test” tips in mind and prepare yourself with good strategy, you will definitely increase your chance to pass this exam successfully.

Firefighter Physical Ability Test – What You Need to Know About CPAT

In order to become a firefighter, you must meet all requirements needed including the firefighter physical ability test or also known as CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) that has been specially engineered and approved by the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters). From this test, the fire department will review your physical condition and abilities as one of potential firefighter candidates, therefore, it’s really important for you to not just pass but do really well this exam.

However, based on our researches, not all fire departments conduct real CPAT test, because it comes back to the department itself. They have to meet all requirements for the test set by IAFF which include preparation time and training for all potential candidates. We strongly suggest you to take these opportunities seriously, it can be said firefighter physical ability test would be your hardest and toughest physical test you’ve even taken. Good thing about completing CPAT test would be most fire departments will accept your validated CPAT testing completion form although it is taken by other fire departments. In this way, you only need to take one test a year in order to use the completion form to apply to several fire departments.

Firefighter Physical Ability Test (CPAT)From this point, you probably wonder, what will you actually do during firefighter physical ability test? You might think that you can prepare yourself before taking this exam by doing routine exercises such as weight lifting, push-ups, etc. Well, those exercises help, however, firefighter physical ability test will put your body to test for twisting, bending, running while carrying heavy weights, and many more.

There are 8-Firefighter Physical Ability Test that you need to complete where during these tests, all firefighter candidates must wear firefighter equipment such as helmet, gloves, long pants, shoes with no open toes, and also a 50 pound vest to simulate the weight of their self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Firefighter physical ability test requires you to progress from event to event from a predetermined path. Each station is separated by 85ft and in order to minimize exhaustion, you are not allowed to run between each event.

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