Skills Needed To Be A Firefighter-Effective Firefighting Skills

Skills needed to be a firefighter is actually a classification of what firefighters have to do in order to accomplish their duties that ranges from responding to emergency calls to rescuing victims and protecting their belongings up to producing environmental awareness among people. I have written a comprehensive post about what do firefighters do earlier that represents the goals of the firefighters. However, if you want to be a firefighter, you must know what skills make a firefighter efficient.

There are five skills needed to be a firefighter. They are:

• Prevention
• Self protection
• Rescue
• Safeguarding property
• Fire control

Furthermore, the skills have been broken down into few more types such as size-up, extinguishing, airing, salvage and overhaul. In case of wildland firefighting, the skills needed to be a firefighter include size up, containment, extinguishing and mop up. Search and rescue is commonly performed by the firefighters in almost any fire scenario.

Let’s have a detailed look into the basic skills needed to be a firefighter below:

skills needed to be a firefighter

Prevention: Firefighters always attempts avoiding fire situations by creating social awareness about prevention of keeping enough heat, fuel and air simultaneously in one place that can ignite fire. Firefighters often recommend various fire suppression systems to be installed in residential buildings that can greatly reduce the number of casualties in case of fire situation. Aside from that, firefighters have to inspect the buildings of the city regularly to ensure that they are up to date with the fire codes of the buildings.

There are some other ways to prevent fire by detecting various known dangerous conditions and taking actions for reducing them. This usually is being accomplished by conducting various fire prevention presentations, distributing fire prevention brochures, offering news articles and setting up various meaningful display banners in places where the most number of people can see them.

Self Protection: is one of the most important skills needed to be a firefighter which is pretty critical. This is done by firefighters by assessing the situation that they are facing and take action accordingly in order to avoid hazards. The United States firefighting standard features a “two-in, two-out” strategy in an environment that is called as IDLH which stands for Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health.

The tools that firefighters generally use not only has the capability for forcible entry, also they comprises self rescue facility. These tools comprise but are not limited to SCBA or self-contained breathing apparatus, Personal Alert Safety System or PASS, and many more. These devices not only ensure the protection of the firefighter who is carrying them, also they are handy for the safety of the other firefighters alongside.

Rescue: comes next as one of the skills needed to be a firefighter. If you check out our previous post about firefighter job description, you will see search and rescue is a vital part of it. Rescue operation is a combination of two jobs, searching for trapped people and animal at the accident spot and rescuing them to a safe place. Firefighters also provide first aid attention to the victim as long as the emergency medical team has not reached the spot.

The search function has some standard patterns that firefighters usually follow when taking out the victims. One of the most effective methods is to move against walls which will prevent them to getting lost or harmed with the fire elements. The rescue team of firefighters generally moves faster than those who are involved with fire control. A rescue rope is often remains fastened with the rescue team in case of the requirement of dragging them out of the accident spot.

Safeguarding property: Knowing the ways of safeguarding property of the fire spot and implement them properly includes as one of the most important skills needed to be a firefighter. This skill of a firefighter enables producing highest productivity of a firefighting operation by increasing the amount of property saving from the accident.

Firefighters generally follow some methods of safeguarding properties that are proven to be useful. One of the most effective ways is to move those goods that can be movable into the middle of the burning place and cover them with a weighty cloth. There are also various measures taken by the firefighters that help them diverting the flow of fire to another direction where the amount of damage for the property can be minimized.

Fire Control: the last of the skills needed to be a firefighter which is mainly focused not to directly attack the fire, rather, firefighters try to deprive the fuel of fire, oxygen and other chemicals that can enhance the fire. Firefighters are equipped with a range of efficient equipments that are handy in various ways for controlling fire. Some of the apparatuses may include but are not limited to ladder trucks fire hose, pumper trucks, fire extinguishers, tanker trucks and many more.

In case of firefighting inside a structure, the skills needed to be a firefighter help most. They directly attacks the fire either by exterior or interior resources and if required and is available, with both. The interior fire control unit enters the premises by using the ‘two-in, two-out’ strategy along with hose lines, finds the main source of fire and through water to take the fire under control. At the same time, the exterior crew through water into windows and other openings, as well as other neatest places where fire can be exposed.

Skills needed to be a firefighter is the key that successfully drives a firefighter into the situation to have quick control over it and rescue the victims as well as ensure minimum damage of the property. If you are interested to be a firefighter, you should know that the entire process must be done in a strategic way in order to have optimum result.

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    I want my self to work as a fire fighter. I dont hafe matric but hopefuly i wish i can achive one of my dreams.mayb with this i can be able to achive others.


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