Firefighter Job Description: The First Thing To Know To Become A Firefighter

If you are reading this article about firefighter job description, it is quite certain that you are interested and are enthusiastic about becoming a firefighter. One more thing can be told with complete confidence that, this was not what everyone wants to be from their childhood. I mean, how many kids have you found who answers “firefighter” against the question ‘What do you want to be’? Well there may be exceptions but lets not consider them as examples.

There may be a variety of reasons that directs people towards this great profession of being a firefighter. But whatever the reason is, one must know what exactly the job of a firefighter comprises. There may be misjudgments with the term ‘Firefighter’ which sounds like, but definitely is not limited to work with fire disasters, rather includes a range of tasks such as responding to emergency calls in case of road, rail and air accidents, bomb incidents, flood, spillage of any sorts of dangerous event, and many more.

firefighter job description
The basic firefighter job description is to rescue people and ensure safety for their property in case of almost any sorts of disasters and accidents. Moreover, they engages with minimizing risks of any particular area that includes but is not limited to economic and social costs, caused by hazards like fire and others. website host information Aside from directly working on the accident spot, firefighters act as a strong social awareness builder about fire safety standards and facing disaster situations in the most proper way. Also, this job comes with regular drills, exercises, practice, lectures and many other forms of trainings.

Participating in various trainings for performing firefighting duties by practicing existing methods and create new ideas of firefighting techniques and providing emergency support to sick and injured person. Since the firefighting support is available 24/7, firefighters have to work on assigned shifts. Even more, the periodic maintenance of the firefighting tools and apparatus also include in firefighter job description.

Firefighters have to be able to perform extremely difficult physical activities and work as a member of a team. Protecting people’s life and property through act and advice regarding all sorts of risks involves with firefighter’s job responsibility as well.

Below is a complete list that firefighter job description, what must be accomplished as part of their job responsibility:

  • Taking and responding to emergency fire calls and asking for assistance for other security departments if needed.
  • Attending emergency situations like road accidents, bomb incidents, flood, spillage of any sorts of dangerous event, and many more.
  • Attending and actively engage with removing rail and air crash substances
  • Rescuing people and animals as well in case of being trapped
  • Providing first aid attention to victims before emergency medical team arrives the spot.
  • Ensuring proper safety for their own colleagues and apparatuses include water pump engines during taking care of accident situations and required maintenance through regular drills at the base station.
  • Responding any sorts of unforeseen situations as and when they arise
  • Cleaning up the accident spot after providing with required support
  • Have to obtain good knowledge about the local roads and streets so that they can work well when necessity comes.
  • Going through comprehensive physical and physiological training on effectively implementing various tools and techniques. Maintaining physical fitness is also a must for a firefighter.
  • Educating local public about fire safety and advice them about various precautions and know-hows in case of fire accidents.

There are few additional duties that should be performed by Fire Officers In-Charge, they are as follows:

  • Evaluating overall situations and take quick decision and action in case of fire accidents.
  • Giving directions to the fire crews.
  • Writing complete report on the incidents.

Being a firefighter is not only a good thing from the ethical perspective, it also has quite thriving career that can definitely be a perfect selection. However, if you are passionate and enthusiastic enough, becoming a firefighter for you would not be so tough and will also bring out the best for your career.

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