Firefighter Education Requirements-Must Know For Becoming A Firefighter

Firefighter education requirements are a bit different from usual professions because unlike other professions, becoming a firefighter doesn’t require a college degree.

Rather, firefighters get most of their trainings, which you can also call as firefighting education, directly on the job.

Before hopping into discussing the firefighter education requirements, I would like to tell why education is important for becoming a firefighter.

As you all know, firefighters have to engage in fire suppression situations, which is not the only thing they day, rather, firefighters have to take part in various types of Emergency Medical Service or EMS. It has been observed that firefighters respond to around 80% medical emergency calls occurred due to vehicle accidents, strokes, heart attacks, various types of home accidents and many more.

firefighter education requirements for becoming a firefighter

Aside from performing EMS, firefighters offer community education, personal development/training, public service tasks, maintenance of apparatus and many more.

Performing all these tasks efficiently, it is vital for the firefighters to have a minimum level of education and skill.

As I was told earlier that firefighter education requirements are not stiff to a college degree. A high school diploma or a GED will suffice for becoming a firefighter; however, higher educated candidates surely will have some advantages for employment opportunities as well as career progress.

Before even being considered for the firefighter job opening, a candidate has to take part on a written, physical and medical test. The minimum age requirement for a firefighter is 18 or more.

The firefighter training plays the most crucial role on their job. After firefighters are hired, they have go through vigorous physical trainings and exercises before they are allowed to step in the field. Almost every state of United States requires a firefighter to be qualified as Emergency Medical Technicians. The EMT training can take up to a year to accomplish and turns the firefighters as EMT-Basic certified.

Firefighter education requirements may vary for enhancing the career. There are a bunch of associate’s degree, certificates and even bachelor’s degree in fire science available at various vocation colleges along with 4-year universities. Many of these firefighter education institutes are managed by the fire academies, which are connected with both an education center and the local fire department.

Fire Science students study a range of methods to investigate fire situations, also, techniques of controlling them with various fire equipments such as fire extinguishers, chainsaws, axes, and many more. You can know more about firefighting equipments from the earlier post. Also, these programs include various fire prevention methods and creating public awareness against fire situations.

Fire departments often offer Certified Apprenticeship to enroll students in a fire science program at their affiliated schools. These degrees require around four years to complete and include wide-ranging practical paid training in the fire field.

Firefighting education requirements may not be a vital issue for becoming a firefighter, as there is no hard and fast essentials, firefighting training can easily turn a firefighter’s career into a dazzling one

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