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Wildland Firefighting-Objective And Technique Of Wildland Firefighters

Wildland firefighting is distinguishably different than usual structure firefighting in a populated area, so is its techniques, trainings and equipments. A wildland firefighting team contains a specially designed and duly equipped aircraft through which trained wildland firefighters performs a range of activities to restrain flames, create firelines and extinguish fires as well as reduce heat of nearby areas to ensure complete safety for the victims and natural wilderness. Moreover, wildland firefighting involves with addressing various wildland-urban interface issues where wildland areas are creating a border between populated areas.

Objective Of Wildland Firefighting

The first priority of wildland firefighting is to ensure safety and protection of life of human, both the civilians and the wildland firefighters too. This is why, the first thing wildland firefighters do is establishing one or more safety zones, escape paths, ensure proper communication procedure and designate lookouts. Doing this gives wildland firefighters the alternative to retreat if the situation becomes unsafe after engaging with firefighting.

wildland firefighting by wildland firefighters

Wildland firefighting always gets emphasis on safety and preventing getting trapped in a situation from where escape is impossible. Aside from a list of important fire orders and watch outs, wildland firefighters always carry a fire shelter which offers limited protection to the firefighters from heat in an inescapable fire situation. The fire shelter also is equipped with necessary tools that are useful in such situation and when a firefighter gets entrapped inside a fire shelter, the situation is named as a ‘burnover’.

The objective of wildland firefighting also comprises ensuring safety from dangers beyond the fire such as unstable risky trees, unexploded ordnance, animals, electric wires and lightening.

Next objective of wildland firefighters is to rescue the victim/s if any. They usually rank the resources of the fire spot according to their importance and value. The importance determinants in such cases may be human safety, construction cost, legal and social consequences, ecological impacts and the expenditure of protection. There may also be another important factor wildland firefighters consider before conducting rescue operation, Defendability.

Wildland Firefighting Tactics

Wildland firefighting in United States has various tactics and strategies. Depending on a range of factors, wildland firefighters engage with a fire to suppress them or let the left to burn. They always choose an anchor point; a place from firefighters can start without getting them outflanked, such as a rock slide or a lake.

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