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How to Become A Volunteer Firefighter : Basic Steps You Should Take

Only special people have big heart to become a volunteer firefighter, are you one of them? If you have arrived in this page, you are certainly interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter. This is a calling that it takes special person to answer it, people of all ages are welcome to improve their local firefighter community. One of good ways to give back or server you community is by applying to become your city volunteer firefighter, but before that, you need to know several facts about this job field.

Although as a volunteer firefighter you probably won’t receive any salary, it doesn’t mean the requirements would be a lot less compared to a career firefighter. It takes dedication and hard training to become a firefighter, if you are willing to spend your time and effort to help others in need, then there are many firefighter departments which are open for you. Although you won’t get paid, the department allows you to get reimbursement, this usually a small amount of tax-free money for your time spent on shifts or responding calls.

In this article, we’ll explain the basic steps you need to take if you want to become a volunteer firefighter.

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Volunteer Firefighter-The Key of A Volunteer Fire Department

Won’t you get surprised if I tell that volunteer firefighter holds 71% of all the firefighters in United States?

The point of surprise most probably would be the term ‘volunteer firefighter’ itself because it would be tough to accept or understand for someone who has made his or her mind to build up a firefighter carrier.

A volunteer firefighter is a person who is actually engaged with another entity for making living and is willing to as well as capable to perform as a member of the firefighting team of the volunteer fire department. In other words, volunteer firefighter is a part-time or an on-call job that is being offered by a volunteer fire department for very few or no payment in return. Sometimes volunteer fire department works combined with the paid services when an extreme emergency situation comes across. Not only firefighting, a volunteer firefighter contributes the fire department with their time for other non-emergency duties like administrative works, conducting trainings and many more.

volunteer firefighter of volunteer fire department
Duties And Responsibilities Of Volunteer Firefighter

The services provided by a volunteer fire department comprise structure firefighting as well as dealing with forest fires, depending on the locality and availability of the firefighting facilities. There are many rural places where volunteer fire department may be the only emergency service, in that case, volunteer firefighting may include but not limited to emergency medical services, quick responding, dangerous material responses and other rescue operations. Aside from that, volunteer fire department is also responsible for performing local fire inspections, inflammable investigations and taking initiatives to reduce victims from fire hazards along with educating people about various issues.

How Volunteer Fire Department Responds

There is no particular way to reach a volunteer fire department; for emergency calling people dials the traditional 911 or 112. Then a central dispatcher communicates with the nearest volunteer fire department through radios, pagers and others. Then the respective department will create a loud fire siren which generally tells all the volunteer firefighters to gather at the station. The advantage of volunteer fire department is it can usually generate higher number of firefighters in an accident spot than paid fire departments can because paid fire stations have a set number of manpower. However, there is a disadvantage of volunteer fire department too. It requires more time to accumulate the firefighters than paid fire stations because volunteer firefighters remain scattered and work differently.

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