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Structural Firefighting-What And How Structural Firefighters Work

Structural firefighting requires ‘Courage’ and ‘Bravery’ before any other tools or techniques, because when time comes, these two specialties of structural firefighters can save others as well as their own lives.

Structural firefighting engages with resident buildings, both in a crowded place and in a disperse location. Structural firefighting is vastly different from wildland firefighting, in all possible aspects such as the tactics, equipments and strategies. We will write a detailed post about specific difference between structural firefighting and wildland firefighting soon.

Structural firefighting involves with houses made of flammable materials like wood. Though concrete made high-raised buildings are considered as fire-resistant buildings, not all concrete made buildings are actually fire-resistant. Fire resistant buildings are specially designed buildings that limit fire in a small place or any particular floor so that fire and smoke can’t spread out in the other floors. However, it’s a duty of structural firefighters to evacuate the burning building as well as all buildings around with the probability of getting on fire.

structural firefighting techniques

Structural firefighting is not only working with fire, few more vital and common issues come across the path of the structural firefighters such as smoke, burning elements and water. This is why, structural firefighting is more critical than wildland firefighting.

The prerequisite of structural firefighting usually comprises shutting off the household utilities such as electricity and gas which usually being ensured before the structural firefighters arrive the spot. Moreover, when hazardous materials are used or stored in the fire spot such as a gas station, fighting against the fire becomes even more critical.

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