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How Much Do Firefighters Make A Year?

When this question arises in your head, I hope this is not the main factor why you join the Fire Department. Firefighters risk their lives in order to save others, you probably wonder how much do firefighters make, how much the country appreciate the contribution of these brave men and women make to our society? Well, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in United States, firefighter salary ranges fall between $48,000 USD to $100,000 USD when this article was written. These salary rough figures apply for different rank of firefighters. For example a Fire lieutenant usually earn between $50,000 USD to $60,000 while a Fire chief could earn between $78,000 USD to $100,000 USD (the highest earner).

How much do firefighters make in another country? Well, we can only provide rough figure such as in Europe, the average firefighter salary starts from £21,157 (a trainee firefighter) to £53,934 (an area manager), these figures are also depending on the level of competence. In Australia, the average base salary starts from $28,800 AUD to $75,700 AUD.

How much do firefighters make a year?Like I said above, these are only rough figures, each country has different structures, bonuses, promotion, overtime, or benefits. If you have real passion for this career, I’m sure you’ll be one of the bravest members of the squad, the result is, there will be many benefits and bonuses await you. I’m pretty sure the answer of “How much do firefighters make?” won’t matter anymore.

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