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Structural Firefighting-What And How Structural Firefighters Work

Structural firefighting requires ‘Courage’ and ‘Bravery’ before any other tools or techniques, because when time comes, these two specialties of structural firefighters can save others as well as their own lives.

Structural firefighting engages with resident buildings, both in a crowded place and in a disperse location. Structural firefighting is vastly different from wildland firefighting, in all possible aspects such as the tactics, equipments and strategies. We will write a detailed post about specific difference between structural firefighting and wildland firefighting soon.

Structural firefighting involves with houses made of flammable materials like wood. Though concrete made high-raised buildings are considered as fire-resistant buildings, not all concrete made buildings are actually fire-resistant. Fire resistant buildings are specially designed buildings that limit fire in a small place or any particular floor so that fire and smoke can’t spread out in the other floors. However, it’s a duty of structural firefighters to evacuate the burning building as well as all buildings around with the probability of getting on fire.

structural firefighting techniques

Structural firefighting is not only working with fire, few more vital and common issues come across the path of the structural firefighters such as smoke, burning elements and water. This is why, structural firefighting is more critical than wildland firefighting.

The prerequisite of structural firefighting usually comprises shutting off the household utilities such as electricity and gas which usually being ensured before the structural firefighters arrive the spot. Moreover, when hazardous materials are used or stored in the fire spot such as a gas station, fighting against the fire becomes even more critical.

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Firefighter Ranks of United States Fire Departments

Firefighter ranks possibly be the next matter that you would like to know if you have made up your mind to accept firefighting as your career. In our previous article, we have discussed about the firefighter job description that definitely had given you a clear idea what you should do while performing firefighting as a profession. This article is going to show you what would be your career in any of the United States fire departments and will help you preparing your path of development accordingly.

In the United States fire departments, firefighters can be of two types, one is career firefighter, and another is volunteer firefighter. Firefighter ranks are maintained in both types of firefighters. However, all the United States fire departments from all the 51 states are not following the same system of firefighter ranks. We will discuss about a standard ranking system that is quite common all through the United States.

firefighter ranks of united states fire departments

Firefighter ranks are usually symbolized through badges and the most commonly used sign in all United States fire departments is a ‘Bugle’ or ‘Trumpet’. The number of bugles increases as the rank goes up and the badge can be generally seen on the front side of the firefighting helmet. The earlier article about history of firefighting would be helpful for you before knowing various firefighter ranks if you want to know more about the beginning of the profession.

Firefighter Ranks of United States fire departments:

Firefighter is the initial rank of the profession. As you know all the big fishes have to start as small, your first footstep in the profession will start as firefighter and will have no bugle in the badge. Depending on various United States fire departments, there may be different grades of firefighters with the same or different badges.

• Fire equipment operators, drivers and engineers exist in many departments. Usually, there are no insignia remains in the badge of these positions. However, there may a note of the rank and may contain two sub-grades. Our previous post about firefighter tools and equipments may help you guide through various essentials for firefighters.

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What Do Firefighters Do Or Goals Of A Firefighter

What do firefighters do would be an important issue that is probably going on your mind as soon as you have decided to become a firefighter. In the earlier post we have discussed about firefighter job description which was quite formal and straightforward. In this article, you can have a streamlined outline of the goals of a firefighter that directs them towards acting as a savior of accident victims by meeting those goals.

As pursuing something without a set goal can bring no good in anyone’s life, firefighters are not an exception as well. The wide range of activities that has been discussed in the post firefighter job description is performed by the firefighters only to meet these goals. In other words, if you say what do firefighters do, I would say they just work to meet their goals.

what do firefighters do

The main goals of a firefighter are listed below in order of their priority:

• Personal Safety
• Saving Victim’s Lives
• Saving Property
• Protecting the Environment

Personal Safety: comes in the first place in the list of firefighter’s goal or what do firefighters do. Firefighters have to engage with a range of dangerous jobs while taking control over fire situation and rescuing victims from fire or any other accident spots. During this work process, the first thing that firefighters have to take care of is their personal safety. We have talked with quite a number of firefighters and almost all of them said they can’t even remember this goal or don’t actually care about protocols when working on an accident spot. They said their main goal always remains the safety of the victims and their properties. But still, firefighters should ensure their own safety with ultimate importance according to the priority of the list of their goals.

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Firefighter Job Description: The First Thing To Know To Become A Firefighter

If you are reading this article about firefighter job description, it is quite certain that you are interested and are enthusiastic about becoming a firefighter. One more thing can be told with complete confidence that, this was not what everyone wants to be from their childhood. I mean, how many kids have you found who answers “firefighter” against the question ‘What do you want to be’? Well there may be exceptions but lets not consider them as examples.

There may be a variety of reasons that directs people towards this great profession of being a firefighter. But whatever the reason is, one must know what exactly the job of a firefighter comprises. There may be misjudgments with the term ‘Firefighter’ which sounds like, but definitely is not limited to work with fire disasters, rather includes a range of tasks such as responding to emergency calls in case of road, rail and air accidents, bomb incidents, flood, spillage of any sorts of dangerous event, and many more.

firefighter job description
The basic firefighter job description is to rescue people and ensure safety for their property in case of almost any sorts of disasters and accidents. Moreover, they engages with minimizing risks of any particular area that includes but is not limited to economic and social costs, caused by hazards like fire and others. website host information Aside from directly working on the accident spot, firefighters act as a strong social awareness builder about fire safety standards and facing disaster situations in the most proper way. Also, this job comes with regular drills, exercises, practice, lectures and many other forms of trainings.

Participating in various trainings for performing firefighting duties by practicing existing methods and create new ideas of firefighting techniques and providing emergency support to sick and injured person. Since the firefighting support is available 24/7, firefighters have to work on assigned shifts. Even more, the periodic maintenance of the firefighting tools and apparatus also include in firefighter job description.

Firefighters have to be able to perform extremely difficult physical activities and work as a member of a team. Protecting people’s life and property through act and advice regarding all sorts of risks involves with firefighter’s job responsibility as well.

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