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Firefighter Tools and Equipment : The List of Essential Firefighter Gear

Being a firefighter, you need to acquire certain skills and have special firefighter tools and equipment to support your job. You are expected to act fast and efficient to rescue people not only from fire but also from various incidents such as car accidents. Your main objectives the moment you arrive on the crime scene are to make sure personal safety, saving civilian’s lives, saving property and environment.

In order to do their jobs, Firefighters often have to enter burning building through windows, roof, or even by breaking the wall. You are exposed to direct dangers everywhere you turn, the roof or building might collapse, the floor underneath might break. Firefighters are equipped with certain firefighter gear to help them to accomplish their tasks. Having the right firefighter tools and equipment can dramatically increase the level of a firefighter survival. This equipment falls into 2 different categories, search-and-rescue operations and medical emergency devices.

Here’s the list of essential firefighter tools and equipment:

Firefighter Tools and Equipment : The List of Essential Firefighter Gear1. Firefighter personal protection equipment
In most situation, firefighters need to wear protection gear to keep themselves safe on the job. This basic protection equipment consists of helmet, jackets, pants, gloves and boots. Made from fire resistant plastic, Helmet protects the head from falling objects which usually occur in ruined building, usually you can also identify the rank of firefighter based on the color of the helmet.

The jacket and pants are made of fire-resistant materials to keep firefighters from getting burnt while the inner material is waterproof to keep them dry. There are stripes on the jacket made of reflective materials to keep firefighters remain visible in the dark. Sometimes as firefighters, they need to touch hot surfaces to find a civilian trapped inside a building, the special gloves protect their hands from getting burnt. The boots are also specially designed with a steel insole to prevent injury of firefighter’s foot from nails or other fragment.

2.Firefighter SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
This tool is one of essential firefighter tools and equipment that enables the firefighter to breathe when they enter building filled with smoke. The firefighter can breathe for about fifteen to sixty minutes depending on the level of activity he or she involved in. This breathing apparatus is also equipped with personal alarm safety system that gets automatically activated in 30 seconds of non-movement.

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